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Transportation Dept

We are a logistic company that has own transportation network, and at the same time we are aiming to be a 3 PL (Third Party Logistic) company that builds optimum transportation means and is able to make a proposal for a customer, without adhering to our own network.

(1) High quality control of transportation based on performances and experience in the field of air cargo transportation
We are well experienced for long years in the field of air cargo transportation. Air cargo is important for each company, as you may know, and we handle the precious cargoes.
Comparing with a transportation company in general, we handle cargo transportation under more severe quality control.

(2) Cost reduction
We have entered into a transportation agreement with each collaboration company based on our bulky cargoes as a whole, thereby enabling to make a proposal on cost reduction as a result of trustful relationship for long years and coping with the transportation. We collaborate with powerful carriers or unique companies in each district all over the nation, and by which collaboration we can afford the services without adhering to our own network.

(3) Speedy action for accident of cargo and performances as insurance agent
Our performances for long years as an independent air carrier in medium size show our attitude to satisfy the needs of customers. Especially, regarding accident of cargo, we aim the speedy settlement as well as safe transportation since we are an insurance agent of Nippon Fire and Marine Insurance Company.

(4) Processing of complicated accounting works
We can afford the service for issuance of complicated bills and processing of accounting works.
These days, each company tries to simplify billing works. On the other hand, the billing works are diversified, which leads to complication thereof. We can afford the service to satisfy the needs.

(5) Unification of various needs for transportation
Various kinds of needs arise in the field of transportation. Basically, we offer the courier service but our branch in charge can offer the transportation service by air, charter, motorbike, etc.

Transportation Dept./ Item of transportaion

We are proud of our top ranked service in safety, certainty, speed, and convenience mainly in the domestic cargo system.

 A. Domestic air cargo transportation
Speedy and friendly transportation system for which airplanes, and air cargo vehicles are used.
We perform our business as an official cargo agent of Japan Air Line.

B. Truck transportation
Transportation system fit for bulk cargoes for which speed is not required

C. Courier Service
System with high cost performance and with high delivery speed for small cargoes that are delivered on next day or second day (for remote place). Delivery system under which price for one unit is fixed.

D. Motorbike transportation 

E. Delivery on the day
Our unique package based on picking up in the morning and delivery in the afternoon.
The area covered is mainly central part of Tokyo, and Yokohama. Especially reasonable charge is fixed for documents.

F. Delivery by charter
We promise to offer high quality delivery service by small and light car, trucks ranging from 1t, 2t, 2t with power gate, and 4t long truck.

G. International cargo transportation (courier and package)
We collaborate with overseas forwarders with global network for international courier service. We can offer the service with more preferable price.

Please be sure to use our professional service. And pleasesubmit your request to our person in charge. 

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