Head Office
1-20-9 Nishi-shinbashi Minato-ku
MAIL: info@jcexp.co.jp

Packaging Material Dept and Commercial Dept

We are appointed as a packaging material maker and trading firm that is a professional of packaging. Please feel free to contact us.

<On commodities>
We can prepare corrugated cardboard and envelopes on which your logo is marked. We are developing not only design and specification but materials for special purpose. 

1.Cardboards for general use (ready made or order made),
paper tubes, and cases, etc.

2.Various tapes (cloth, craft or PP)

3.Buffers (air cap, chip or other)

4.Bundling tools (bands)

5.Plastic containers (plastic cardboards)

6.Stickers and tags

7.Distribution devices (racks and push cars)

8.Racks, veneer boards, stationary, and other packing materials 

We offer the best price to a customer that has transacted with us on a continuous basis.
Further, we can negotiate a customer with small order with minimum lot and price, etc.
We can deliver them all over the nation. 

<Series of Materials to keep freshness>
We offer a total system for keeping flowers and fruits fresh.

"Series of materials to keep fresh (for flowers and agricultural products)" that was developed using know-how from the long experienced transportation technology and the latest high-tech materials to keep the freshness of flowers and fruits that is a crucial point. They are welcomed because of its "cost saving nature" and "compactness".
Not only flowers and fruits, but we are ready to offer various packaging materials to keep fitted freshness taking into consideration the combination of transportation by air and truck. Freshness is decided in the course of cultivation through shipment, and transportation, and is evaluated in a market. We consider the keeping of freshness as a total system, and offer optimum packaging materials in collaboration with producers. 

<Materials for larger distribution center such as co-op>
We offer larger cardboards, wagons, and plastic cases, etc.

*We can offer packaging materials for special use. Please contact us.

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