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Mail Business Dept (Mail Room)

We are equipped with well skilled staff members who major in management of documents in a company, thereby we can meet your request for "outsourcing of a mailing room".
In the past, mailing works have been considered as annexed works of transportation or a part of administrative works. However, as each company is internationalized and concentrates its staff into its own business, we make a proposal to offer the service of high quality upon restructuring mailing works (in-house) from a professional point of view.


(A) Operation of a company's mailing room
As a company has its unique corporate culture (contents of business), we offer the following proposals respecting such contents.
 ・Packaged outsourcing of an existing mailing room.
 ・Construction of a new mailing room.
 ・Consultation on mailing works and preparation of a manual.

(B) Operation of a concentrated delivery center in a larger scaled building
In a larger scaled building, it is effective to set up a concentrated control center including courier service in order to maintain the facilities, mitigate the congestion in an elevator and administer the building smoothly and effectively.
As the transportation means are diversified, please appoint our professional staff for the operation that was entrusted to other carrier.

<Example of our adopted service>

We offer the service not only to foreign owned companies with many documents but a smaller sized company in which only one person performs the mailing works.

If you who are in charge of administrative affairs have the following concerns, please contact us. 

1) To improve the service of a mailing room (hour, quality, and content).

2) To relocate various annexed works ranging from control of transportation, check of invoices to reception of sales by a carrier;

3) To review whether our mailing room is effective (in number of members and their skills) in comparison with that of other company;

4) We are involved in a trouble of transfer of the works every time when a person in charge is relocated;

5) The problem that cargoes are delivered at the same addressee since persons in charge at different sections send a mail.

<Proposal of a mailing room>

(1) Operation of a mailing room
Upon hearing your present situation, we offer the following proposals after confirmation of "number of members in charge", "degree of service" and "problems on the works";

1. The time when newspapers are delivered or whether they are delivered to each addressee or on a floor; 

2. Number of dispatched or received mails a day and number of cargoes by courier service; 

3. Times of patrol to check cargoes to be delivered or collected in the morning and afternoon, and number of mailing shelves; 

4. How to cope with Pitney Bowes operation, delayed cargoes, and delivery outside the prescribed time; 

5. How to delivery within a company building cargoes by courier service and registered mails; 

6. Layout of a mailing room and shelves; 

7. Quality of communication and ability of a foreign language you request;
Do you request ability of English and smooth and close communication? 

8. Exchange of collection ability with a professional of distribution. 

(2) Concentrated Management of mail delivery (by courier service or by air)
We offer cost reduction and service of high quality.

(3) Concentrated management of individual delivery (courier service)Buffers (air cap, chip or other)
Some example shows that a person in charge appoints a carrier of courier service on each floor. However, that may brings a problem on confidentiality and safety of a company. Accordingly, we recommend adopting concentration to a mailing center.

(4) Management of a mailing car between head office and branch
A mailing car between head office and branch would lead to reduction of personnel if number of the personnel is totaled with staff of a mailing room.

(5) Concentrated management of bulky cargoes (such as DMs, and manuals)
We can offer every kind of transportation means such as by air, truck, courier service, motorbike, and charter. That is our characteristics.
If it is required to envelope bulky periodicals, and other cargoes, we can manage them from packing, enveloping through delivery at our backyard. 
Further, we can offer the management service of your data, etc.

(6) Delivery of mails on your behalf
We pick up your mails at you company and deliver them to a post office at charge separately fixed.

(7) Proposal of packing materials, stationary and management of furniture
We can offer cardboards for dispatch and cases for custody exclusively for your use. We can submit an estimate on charge with packing charge included. Further, we can offer special price on packing materials, tapes for packing and stationary. We can offer you the positive service since we are equipped with an independent department of a trading company that majors in packaging materials.

(8) Works annexed to administrative affairs
Please contact us in connection with price negotiation, arrangement of relocation and other works with other carriers.
We can also offer the service on a copy center as well as preparation of in-house documents replacing costs incurred by an administrative department.

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